Horse Racing Death Register

All racehorses who died will be registered here. Accidents happen and sometimes this will cost a horse his/her life. But with this list, horses will never be forgotten by owners, trainers and fans around the world. Also older horses that have died can be found in this list. I try to keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes information of a horse comes a couple of days later. Rest in Peace!

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Horse Date Course Death Rating Info
Ellaria Moon (IRE)
Gabynako (FR)
Swain (IRE)
Hannon (IRE)
Gulliver Collognes (FR)
Captain Scott (IRE)
Kitten's Joy (USA)
T Maxie (IRE)
Rootless Tree (IRE)
Tribal Art (IRE)
Summer's Knight
Groom d'Oudairies (FR)
Ejtilaab (IRE)
Definitive Force (IRE)
King of the Park (IRE)
Dream Getaway (IRE)
Scope (IRE)
Not a Single Doubt (AUS)
Asockastar (IRE)
Howling Wolf (IRE)
Catbird Seat (IRE)
Rogan Josh (AUS)
Two Taffs (IRE)
Grannie Annie (IRE)
Arcadian Sunrise (AUS)
Sidewaysinmilan (IRE)
Star Safari
Story of Friends (FR)
Kingsgate (IRE)
Flames of Passion (IRE)
Antidote (IRE)
Jacqueline Quest (IRE)
Rail Link
King d'Argent (FR)
Sideways Shift
Romeo's Bond
Templebredin (IRE)
Da Vinci
King's Advice
The Bees Knees (IRE)
Achy Breaky Heart (IRE)
Arbutus (IRE)
Tigers Roar (IRE)
Bembridge (IRE)
Flatter (USA)
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