Horse Racing Death Register

All racehorses who died will be registered here. Accidents happen and sometimes this will cost a horse his/her life. But with this list, horses will never be forgotten by owners, trainers and fans around the world. Also older horses that have died can be found in this list. I try to keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes information of a horse comes a couple of days later. Rest in Peace!

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Horse Date Course Death Rating Info
Pilgrims Bay (IRE)
Bilko (FR)
Ubak (FR)
Global Angel
Gavi di Gavi (IRE)
Black Ivory
Argocat (IRE)
Idyllic (IRE)
Champagne James (IRE)
Fountains Windfall
Aljabr (USA)
Scrutineer (IRE)
Apache Stronghold (IRE)
Crucial Moment
Senatus (FR)
Man From Mars
Becauseshesaidso (IRE)
Almutamarred (USA)
Prussian Eagle (IRE)
Taquin de Seuil (FR)
Frankyfourfingers (FR)
Jakkalberry (IRE)
Goodnightirene (IRE)
Secret Strategy (IRE)
Yorkee Mo Sabee (IRE)
Spotthedifference (IRE)
Bobby Benton (IRE)
Belle de Lawers
Leavem in Malibu (CAN)
Peter Stuyvesant (IRE)
Taskeen (IRE)
Edvardo (IRE)
Gorgehous Lliege (FR)
Irish Cavalier (IRE)
Pluto Montes (IRE)
Nichols Canyon
Cottersrock (IRE)
Zabana (IRE)
The Dancing Lord
Montana Belle (IRE)
Honest Intent
The Dark Lord (IRE)
Evening Hush (IRE)
Pertuis (IRE)
Khaleefa Bay
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